Listen to the sun set…

It’s kind of silly I guess, but whenever I’m watching the sun set, I imagine its warm rays opening the day in another part of the world. I think of what my day was like, with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and I wonder what the person on the receiving end of the sun – what their day will be like. It’s almost as if we have a connection.

Can I send you a warning, I wonder. Can I tell you to stay calm, to stay focussed, to enjoy the moment, for we don’t really know what the day will bring. Can I reassure you that there’s someone on the other end thinking of you and wishing you well. And in response they are saying thanks – thanks for the thoughts and guidance. Thanks for being there. And they too offer some words of wisdom and consolation.

I always awake with a smile knowing you are thinking of me, for I too was dreaming of you – experiencing your day as if it were mine. I laughed when you laughed. I cried when you cried. And I too was looking forward to watching the sun rise, as I knew you were on the other end thinking the same thoughts.

As the colours of the sunset intensify our thoughts are connected and come to life. My day darkens and my friend’s day brightens and the days blend one into each other. We move on with our lives looking forward to that special moment of sharing.



3 thoughts on “Listen to the sun set…

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