Being surrounded by water…

Living on an island has its many advantages. As I step into my garden each morning I am greeted by an amazing view of the ocean reminding me always, of eternity. It’s a comforting sight, peaceful and calming. Giving you the energy to face another day. And as I return home on an evening, the sunset both relaxes and excites me as you may have noticed from one of my previous blogs “Listen to the Sun set“.

As much as I suffer from motion sickness, being on the water is one of my greatest pleasures. I love the feeling of movement, the wind against my face. The feeling that you can just keep going. The sense of adventure – and if you let your imagination run wild you can almost imagine that you’re on a quest of discovery – discovery of new lands, treasures, the magic of the sea. And most times you simply discover your longing for freedom. Freedom from the past, the present. Freedom from your everyday thoughts and worries. And sometimes freedom from yourself as you get lost in the moment and just let yourself be.

I visit the beach almost weekly and find it very difficult not to have a quick swim on each occasion. I love the water’s refreshing feeling against my skin – its silkiness always makes me feel as if I’m swimming in velvet. Its rolling waves remind me of its strength and depth. That it’s a force not to be taken lightly, that I’m just a visitor enjoying the moment.

I can’t imagine living without the water around me, without the daily visual glimpse of the sea. As one of my sons once said to me after spending just a few years in the depths of North America, “I’m suffering from continental sickness, mum – I feel land locked and need to be by the sea”.

One thought on “Being surrounded by water…

  1. I can relate to that feeling of freedom of which you speak. After travelling a bit, I have developed a strong sense of gratitude for my birth place. I am an island girl, with a need to soak in the water of the sea or waterfall often. And I feel free whenever I am in the water. It loves me back Unconditionally!!

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