If we were having a cup of tea right now…

I’d tell you that you’re right, your grandsons all look just like you – in mind and spirit. That they’ve grown into fine young men you’d be proud of. That they tell your stories as if it were yesterday. That they love your sense of humour and rely on your constant support and love. That they love that funny ‘last lash’ game you always play.

We would watch the ships way out in the ocean, and you’d count them as you always do. You would remark on the flowers in my garden that remind you of dancing ladies and laugh your ‘ha ha’ kind of laugh, knowing that it would take a great stretch of my imagination to see them as you do. We would admire the humming birds as they sip the nectar of their favourite flower and we would reminisce our lost love.

You would tell me what you did this past week – stories that seem to be the same, but I would listen as if they were exciting and new. We would sit and enjoy each other’s company knowing that the time was drawing near.

If we were having a cup of tea right now, I would not be afraid to tell you that I love you. That you’ve always been my pillar of strength. That I would miss you when you are gone.

If we could only be having a cup of tea right now….

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