Blogging in the Rain…

Perspective plays a critical role in your outlook on life.
Here I am, in one of the most beautiful places on earth, expecting to spend what one would imagine to be an idyllic weekend on a small Caribbean island – sand, sea, bliss. Not a care in the world. Freedom from the everyday shackles of the world of work and life.
The reality is that the rain is pelting down blurring one of the most beautiful views you can witness, my hopes of spending some me-time lazing in the sun on the beach with the cliche’d umbrella drink in one hand, dashed. My recently polished toes glistening in the sun, evidence of a fun filled holiday weekend – forget that.
And yet my heart is light, my smile is broad and I am at my happiest.
What I see is the earth being nourished. What I hear is the pulsating music of my favourite artistes making my feet with their recently polished toes, dance uncontrollably. What I have are friends to make my heart light and enjoy the moment with me. And that umbrella’d drink? Well, that’s the icing on the cake.
Here’s to life. May we always seek the positive.