Sydney, Beautiful Sydney

If I have to live in winter, I’ll choose Sydney – beautiful sunny days with cool air-condition weather. Actually, if I have to live in Spring, Summer or Fall, I’d still choose Sydney. It’s a no brainer actually.

Sydney is the best of all worlds. On the ocean where beautiful beaches abound, the big city life playing with the pleasures of beautifully landscaped national parks lining the coast. You can be in complete serenity gazing at the horizon or in the hustle and bustle of things shopping to your heart’s content. You can travel by train, car, bicycle or ferry with the assurance of everything working as it should and the confidence that you will be safe anywhere and everywhere. At all times surrounded by a people who enjoy life, respect others and cherish their environment.

Your entertainment can range from a relaxing day at the beach – a choice of a multitude of beaches all with white sand and ocean blue waters – a delightful glass of wine or coffee at a side walk cafe – a delectable choice of meals at well appointed or very rustic restaurants – bar hopping at its best – or simply a stay at home meal enjoying the company of your boys and girls.

I’ve fallen in love with this city – quite unexpectedly.


We will see each other again.

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