In my own backyard

One of the many travellers we met while in Aussie remarked very casually that he’d travelled through Europe visiting what was deemed some of the most beautiful places in the world. Only now to realize that, while touring his own Northern Territory, some of the most beautiful places in the world exist “in my own backyard”, he boasted. That remark made me smile and think of my own backyard.

We have Blanchisseuse, a small coastal village just one hour’s drive from the capital. Blanchisseuse boasts of a rugged coast with simple serene beaches, a rainforest whose varied flora and fauna comforts and shades you as you amble along its winding and hilly path luring you further and further along the north coast. A fishing village whose boat launching and docking system will bamboozle the most learned, and a people who will warm your heart with their down-to-earth and simple approach to life.

The cool breeze is always there to caress you and the sunsets never disappoint.

Enjoy the pics

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