Not quite the end

Not a moment to spare we head to Gerroa, a small town of 497 inhabitants 2 hours’ drive south of Sydney. An amazing view of Seven Mile beach greets us as we enter the beach house just in time to watch the sun set. Welcoming and much needed after our trek across the Kimberley. Jessica’s dad, Bruce and brother, Duncan, have joined us for the weekend.

A drive to Kangaroo Valley takes us through the rolling hills of farming country – dairy, beef and surprisingly sheep, with the odd field of horses. The quaint towns of Berry, Robertson and Kamia delight us with their charming architecture and country feel – clean, well organised and beautifully landscaped – and of course with coast line forever at arm’s reach.

Serene, crisp, hmmm just beautiful.


With Bruce (left) and Duncan (middle)

With Bruce (left) and Duncan (middle)

View from our appt

View from our appt


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