Is this really the end

You come to realise that this camping thing that we do on holiday is more than that for most of the people you meet on the way. It’s really a way of life for them. Some have been at it for years, some months, some have sold everything they have and are travelling and working their way through Aussie as a means to learning and experiencing what this amazing country has to offer. A tempting prospect as you enjoy the simplicity of life, the generosity and openness of those you meet, not to mention the share beauty of world around you.

As we drive into Darwin, weary from the long road trip and not too sure what to expect, as Darwin is often referred to as the hole of North Australia, we are faced with what seems to be a metropolis and are now not quite sure how to fit in with our camping gear, dirty cars and sand blown bodies. We stop on the esplanade taking in the beauty of the coast and the splendour of the landscaping.

Where to stay – the eternal question – finding it hard to return to a camp site within this space of civilisation. The boys and girls come to the rescue – booking a mystery 6-person accommodation with what seems like all the amenities. Arriving at our destination, we are catapulted into the modern world and loving every minute of it. Thanks guys – your generosity is much appreciated. We are all smiling not only because of the classy end to our adventure but certainly because of a fabulous journey across the Kimberley. We celebrate with an authentic Indian meal and some wine, of course, reminiscing the most precious moments of our adventure.


The view from our last camp site

The view from our last camp site

Our last camp site courtesy the kids

Our last camp site courtesy the kids

So which gorge is the best?

The votes are in –
– Winjanna because of the crocs and sheer beauty
– Sir John’s gorge where the sunset was just amazing
– Manning gorge, the best place to swim
– El Questro – the climb was slow and the pools clear, cool and oh so clean..

… in other words, we really can’t decide…. can you?

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