Tunnel Creek

No wonder a famous rogue aborigine hid within these walls for three years – fresh water, cool breeze, natural light, serenity personified – great retirement plan, maybe just a bit too much water in the wet season though.


Cruising along the Gibb River road, enjoying the views of changing dessert to green to red hills and rugged countryside with remarkably little vehicles on the road, we are suddenly faced with flashing lights and a hand waving us to stop. You guessed it – police. License check and breathalyzer test later we are once again on our way. Only in Aussie – keeping a check on crime in a friendly civilized way- literally in the middle of nowhere.


With a creek running through it, silent grove campsite offers the peace and quiet needed after a long day’s drive. Add a starry starry night and you have another perfect day in the Kimberley.

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