The first of the Gorges

The sun rises to another beautiful day, Galahs screeching across the sky and there’s this one bird which barks like a dog and make noises like a monkey – must be some Aussie re-incarnate. Campers leave the site on their way to varying destinations – some to Broome and then across the dessert, others making the same trek we are. Sitting here peacefully as we pack to leave on our journey across the Gibb River Road, heading to Tunnel Creek and very thankful for my blessings, too many to even quantify.

As we speak, the wind blows gently across the field, the overcast skies have made way for the glorious sun. A leisurely walk around the farm reveals a pen of Peacocks, feeding Cockatoos and flocks of what seem like exotic birds, just being – life in North Western Australia.

The Gibb River Road offers pretty much the same sights of dry, arid land in keeping with the terrain throughout the Kimberley. As we approach the Winjanna National Park, you are taken back by the vastness (are we in Australia or what) of the park, driving 20k along a red dirt road to arrive at the campsite. Registration is easy, no. of cars + no. of people = deposit your money in an envelope and choose your site. Luckily for the Aussies, not many Trinis visit this part of the world.

And oh what a beautiful campsite – trees shading the spots, picnic tables, fire pits, facilities – what more could you ask for. But honestly the surrounding gorge is magnificent. A short hike along the gorge reveals the beauty that it is, including the presence of crocodiles swimming peacefully or basking in the sun along the water line.

Camping brings this whole experience to life. Being outdoors gets you closer to everything. The feel of the earth, one with nature, one with the people around you. The negatives turn into positives – the setting up of the campsite brings team work, the 3-hour process of cooking brings lots of laughter and getting to know each other better, the wine and beer – well that just seals off the experience.

Farm life

Farm life


People of Australia
Les Thompson – self acclaimed ‘grey nomad’ and a fellow camper, probably in his late 60s visited us this morning. While enjoying the gentle morning breeze waiting for the sun to rise, Les meanders over the see who these foreign looking people were – chatting with us about his travels and giving us a preview of what we’re about the visit with such joy and passion – you’ve gotta love the Aussies – a rugged, warm people, enjoying life and withstanding the test of time.

Les Thompson

Les Thompson

As the sun rises we get ready for another adventure-filled day.

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