The Wonders of Nature

Ever wandered through rough undulating terrain, not knowing exactly what you’d find at the end of the way, hoping and praying that at least you’d get some respite from the sweltering heat? Imagine then coming upon a vast open area with an amazing view of a pool of cool clear water, then walking further towards the sound of water falling to find what can only make you gasp in the wonderment of nature.

Bel Gorge brought great pleasure at all levels – cooling off in a sun that now caressed your skin as it warmed you from the crispy water, falls that accelerated your adrenaline as you watch your loved ones risk life to see who could jump from the highest rock, and a great sense of oneness with nature as you reveled in the beauty around you.


  1. Denise you are really capturing the atmosphere of discovery and the wonder of nature. Love the pictures. On the young adults taking charge and making the decisions, I think that is just exactly as it should be. Time for you and Roger to sit back and enjoy the care taking of the boys.

    1. Thanks Roberta – it’s truly been an experience of a lifetime at many levels. The boys have taken on a different role quite naturallly and we are learning step by step to let it happen and enjoy the freedom, if I can call it that, of parenting.

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