The long and dusty road

Broome to Derby

The long and dusty road led us through varying vegetation – dry to green, to yellow flowering trees known as Wattle, to fire burnt vegetation, to Zebu cattle farms, termite mounds that look like cemeteries – lots and lots of red soil. Boab tress, native to this area of Australia lined the path, the occasional Wallaby and baby crocodile in the very few rivers, a couple snakes, added to the excitement of this the first part of our outback drive across the Kimberley.

And at last we landed upon the most beautiful campsite at Bird Down Campsite. That’s the flexibility that camping offers. The plan was to make the 4 hour trek to Winjanna but as the beach in Broome was so inviting, we left late and ended our journey just outside of Derby at a campsite that only the determined would find. One sign on the highway, and then nothing – but, we have no time, it’s getting dark and we need to set up camp, so we venture forward, fingers crossed.

With no other sign in sight and a bit cautious, we follow a dirt road onto a campsite located on a farm, with few other campers, very spacious, lots of wild life – Wallabies jumping across the field as we unlatch the gate onto the farm road, a flock of Cockatoos fly off as we disturb their peace and quiet, and horses graze graciously in the setting sun. Ahhh, certainly not in a hurry to leave, and we wait patiently to view this treasure at sunrise.

Spaghetti and meat sauce in progress, a couple bottles of wine and yes, it can’t get better.
See Aussie pics for more….

The long and dusty road

The long and dusty road

The Boab Tree

The Boab Tree

White Cockatoos at sunset

White Cockatoos at sunset

Always a great end to a great day

Always a great end to a great day

4 thoughts on “The long and dusty road

  1. I’m being an English teacher now…. in both of your recent blogs you have confused ‘dessert’ for what you really mean ‘desert’…..just in case you use the wrong spelling again I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out. But you are still an A+ student. (Well, possibly I’ll drop the + now 🙂 xx


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