Santiago – La Ciudad de Amor

Whenever I visit a new city, place, country, I immediately try to immerse myself into the culture so that I can get a feel of the personality, drive, aspirations of those who live there. Could I be a part of this, where would I live, what would I do in my spare time, what would keep me here.

At first Santiago (Chile) was just like any other south american city – the architecture, the people, the parks, the fountains. We visited the Mercado Central and were enthralled by the variety of fish and seafood in general – even partaking in the Soup of the day with the locals.

As we meandered through the streets however, Santiago took on a different look and feel. Everywhere at any point, there were couples embracing each other without a care in the world. There’s always that one thing about a city that strikes you as different. There’s always that one thing that you too want to be a part of.

As we climbed to the top of Cerro de Santa Lucia, it became clear how romantic this city is. As this young couple in front of us took every opportunity to stop, pose and take the most intimate selfies I’ve ever witnessed. That’s just one couple I thought for a moment. But as we descended and ventured throughout the parks, they were all over the place.

Happy, laughing, hugging, kissing. Not a care in the world. And as we strolled through the streets later in the evening it was even more evident – the serenades of the likes of Gloria Estefan, Strauss, and young women and not so young men entertaining you with the sweetest of music from the Andes, creating an atmosphere, which, coupled with the great food and wine, made you want to be a part of this great love of life, of living.

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