It was the first time…

“It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last”…

… I thought, as I clicked my feet into the pedals and rode my bicycle behind the group of cyclists – all of us on a quest to conquer the course ahead. We were but a small group of strangers at first. A small group of travelers intent on experiencing a new country as close to the people as possible. A small group of adventure seekers willing to take on the challenges of unknown terrain, one hill at a time – excited to learn about the country, one village at a time – anxious to capture the essence of this new world, one photograph at a time.

What we managed to do however, unknowingly and, one person at a time, was build relationships with strangers from different parts of the world. Persons who by the very nature of the tour, were open to new experiences and new cultures. Open to willingly sharing our personal journey, exchanging notes and tips, with the primary objective of learning, giving and receiving.

So as we traversed the different scenic terrains, we learned more about a country, a people. We met and bonded with strangers who became our friends. We conquered the course and secretly built our self confidence, each one of us vowing to continue this type of adventure, together or with other like-minded wanderers.

It was the first time, and it hasn’t been the last…

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