Does Inspiration need a space…

Deciding where and when to write, for me, just takes the will to do so. Much like every other decision in life, your mindset, desire to achieve and of course passion, is pretty much all you need. Pictures of the perfect space overlooking the ocean, a soft gentle breeze caressing your body, the sound of birds chirping in the background all conjure up the ideal space for inspiration.

But in essence all I need is a moment to think, a moment to notice, a moment to put it all down on virtual paper. Most times I’m writing while sitting up in my bed with the family busy bodying around, watching their favourite TV series, asking questions, telling stories about their day. If I couldn’t find a moment within that familial chaos, I’d never find the time to relax and share my thoughts.

Growing up in a large family, you soon learn how to zone out to spend much needed time in your own world, to virtually go where you want to go. To that dreamland where everything you’ve every wished for comes true. To that tennis match where you’ve served yet another ace and won the final in shiny glory. To that mountain top gazing upon the ocean view watching the sun set. To that small but intimate group of friends where you laugh, share and learn to love.

So do I need a special space to write? I guess not. Wherever I am, I make it that special space not only to write, but to simply be.

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