What’s your CHOICE

This morning at work, one of my colleagues asked me with acute curiosity and a bit of disgust – “Why are you so cheerful this morning?” And without thought I answered, “This morning I woke up and chose to be happy.” There was nothing different about today. It was raining cats and dogs (oh and by the way, I love the rain). There was no great bit of news. I did not win the lottery. I did not get a raise. And I still don’t have any grandchildren.

But just the act of choosing to be happy. I. WAS. HAPPY.

And that’s the power of choice. Life is all about choice in everything that we do. And there are always only two choices.

To be happy or sad
To move forward or stay where you are
To forgive or to forever be resentful
To love or to hate
To drink red wine or ice cold bubbly
To exercise or to lay on the couch
To sit on the sand or to swim in the sea
To tell the truth or to lie
To laugh or to cry

Our life is one choice after another. The hard part is taking ownership of our lives and realising that the choice is always ours.

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