Taste of Tuscany – Siena

Certainly Siena is the most impressive of the Tuscan towns. As we climb our final ascent into Siena we are filled with pride and a great sense of accomplishment. Along the way we are tempted to take the short and easy road but stay our course and continue along the long and narrow pathways to our final destination.

And well worth the journey – Siena rewards us with its magnificence, grandeur and imposing strength as we meander to our hotel Il Chiostro del Carmine – a former monastery equipped with a small chapel and a welcoming courtyard where we eventually spend cool peaceful pre-dinner wine tastings.

We celebrate the end of our journey with the now expected Prosecco and pasta, but even better we are serenaded with the ringing of the bells from the Santa Maria de Asunto Cathedral. The following day we venture further as we explore the town and its amazing Cathedral – a magnificent showcase of craftsmanship, artistry and simple dedication, with intricate details of biblical history throughout. We are fortunate enough to celebrate a small mass therein the following day.

The stairs within the Museum lead to an amazing view of Siena and we are once again entranced by the beauty of this city and its surroundings.

The days are hot but the nights are cool and we engage in pure Siena hospitality as we embrace the culture of ‘liming’ in the Piazza after dinner, just simply enjoying the moment, the environment and the company.

Happy to be there, happy to be a part, proud of our accomplishments. What started as a simple adventure through the Tuscany Valley, ended with stronger bonds, greater sense of self and one’s own physical ability, and of course, memories that would last a lifetime.

Thank you my friends for sharing your time, determination, good nature and self with us. We look forward to many more exciting journeys together.


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