Christmas – My favourite time of year

I know many many people feel the same way. And we know why. The happiness, the caring, the sharing, the giving and receiving – togetherness of family and friends. It’s a crazy busy time when we try to pull everything together in one fell swoop. We want everything in its rightful place – the perfect setting, the perfect food, the perfect gift for that perfect person. We give so much of ourselves in the preparation and in the execution. Nothing is too much to do. We revel in the company of family and friends we have not seen for a while and even those we see every day. We miss those who are not there to share the moment with us and we call friends we haven’t spoken to for the entire year.

What is it about Christmas that brings everyone together like this regardless of their religious belief. This overflowing of love has no boundaries. And where does it all go immediately after Christmas Day has passed. Rather than bemoan this, maybe we should just be grateful that at least once a year, we make the effort. The effort to be kind, the effort to share, to remember, to empathize, to think of others. Or maybe we should, with each passing year, try to extend the Christmas joy as they call it, to just one more week, one more month.

This Christmas I tried to document through pictures, the moments I look forward to the most, hoping that when I need a little pick me up, I can look back, remember, and with a smile on my face continue to revel and hopefully share the Christmas spirit.

My wish for you is God’s continued blessings in all you do.


One thought on “Christmas – My favourite time of year

  1. Hi Denise Lovely photos…. and some lovely sentiments about this Christmas season. Hope you have a great birthday today Much love Ros (and Ron)


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