The other best time of day

Ever since I can remember, the one thing in life which always gets me to make a double take is a sunset.  Fortunately for me I live on a spot which I can truly say boasts of one of the best sunsets ever. Well, at least it boasts of a sunset every day of life.  Whenever I’d come home on an afternoon after work, I’d call out to my boys – “You’re missing out” and without fail they would run outside to see what they were missing out on.  Always it was simply the sheer beauty of the end of another day.

And each day it was different.  A huge sun ball in the sky, the brightly lit sky in its varying shades of orange.  The white lights behind the dark clouds, the changing colours after the sun has sunk behind the horizon.  And the favourite sight of all – the green flash as the sun disappears into the ocean.  Well that’s a rarity and may just depend on the amount of wine sipped at the end of the day.

As they grew older, the scampering feet would diminish, as they knew what they were missing out on, and no longer thought it a treat.  Still I would saunter down to the end of my property and take in the view.  Marveling at the beauty of nature, the security in knowing that the sunset would always be there and the serenity, peace and calm that it brings.

As they grew older still, my boys now share in the moment with me.  And that is truly the best time of day.  Stationed in a time of silent discussion, surrounded by a beauty that only nature can create, knowing that tomorrow we can do it all over again. Same view, same sense of calm, same sunset.


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