Green …


As I sit, my view is filled with the lushness of the natural green of my garden.  Green parakeets flit from one palm tree to another feasting on the berries and then cooling themselves off in the water captured in the guttering of the roof of my home.  They are funny little creatures, these parakeets.  The sweetest chirping fills the air as they chat with each other. I imagine them like children, playing with each other, hiding under the leaves of the palms, calling out to each other as if to say – “Look at me. I’m right here”.  Then flying off again dancing from one tree to another.  Laughing with the wanton abandon of kids with not a worry in the world.

My garden attracts all different species of birds and other wildlife.  I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by the lushness of the environment all my life.  Green is a colour that calms me and fills me with a great sense of peace and quiet.  In my garden the green of the grass and the leaves of my plants assure me that nature is alive and healthy.  Thriving.  Contributing to the environment positively.  It tells me that the creatures too are at peace as I notice the butterflies taking their fill of nectar from the flowers while the birds feast on the berries they love.

As I venture in the natural forests that make up a great part of my home, the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, I revel in the green that brings everything together – a perfect backdrop for the native flowers and wild bushes that nurture the many birds and insects that prosper in this environment.  Again, I am at peace with the world.  Everything seems to be in its right place.  The order of the universe continues regardless.

I’ve not always been an admirer of the colour green and all it implies.  Simply from a purely materialistic standpoint.  Green just never looked good on me.  It’s silly. But true.  However, as I’ve matured and learned to appreciate the beauty that surrounds, Green has become one of my favourite colours.

It has become a critical part of our vocabulary.  No longer an adjective, it is now a verb as we focus on the future of our world and our environment.  We want to ‘Green’ the earth again.  The concept of ‘Greening’ is on the lips of the CEOs of our largest corporations, our governments, the leaders of the world.  As we realise that without the natural greenery that surrounds, we are nothing.  We realise that what we have been doing over the past centuries does not complement what is there for all to not only enjoy but to profit from naturally, mentally and physically.  We have taken advantage and continue to take advantage not realising that the beauty that surrounds, the green in our world is there to ensure the longevity of our existence.

Green complements and nurtures everything in our life. From our physical beauty to the simplest things in life.  Our flora and fauna thrive with the natural green beauty that surrounds.  And with that, we too will thrive.

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