I’m on my way …

And so the journey begins… One flight down, 3 more to go, to meet my grandson.

You must be dying to hug him and kiss him. How can you be so calm? How come you’ve waited so long. Why didn’t you go for his birth?

You see my two eldest sons now live in a land far far away from our home. I often joke that they couldn’t have run further away from me if they wanted. But it is what it is, and as a family we try not to make the distance an issue. And to a large extent, we’ve succeeded. At this point in time though, the distance has created a huge hole in my heart. And with each flight today, the hole will close bit by bit.

Until then, I will read, watch movies, sleep, eat, toss and turn. All the while wondering how it will feel to touch his little toes, to hold his little hand, to caress his little face, to hug him, kiss him and let him know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that his Grandma loves him to the moon and back.

11 thoughts on “I’m on my way …

  1. Thinking of you both as you cross the globe to be with Josh, Jess and Little Solomon. He is a special little man and a lucky one to have two wonderful, tag-teaming, jet-setting Grandmas to fawn over him. N‘joy ❤️

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  2. I understand. Our daughter, her hubby and our three grandchildren are also half a world away. We’ve missed much. I try not to dwell upon the loss of time with them. Enjoy.

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  3. Congratulations to Josh and family. He is too precious. Most of all congrats to 2 wonderful grandparents who go above and beyond for others. Love you both and enjoy those precious times

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  4. Denise and Roger, I am thrilled for you both… You two have been such a blessing and an enrichment to my life, these grands are blessed to have you both.
    Continued Blessings to you both and your household!!!

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