Fall-ing in love with Nova Scotia …

Not having had the pleasure of living in North America, coupled with my hobby as an amateur photographer, I’ve been longing to witness the splendour that is Autumn – the ‘changing of the leaves’ as it is fondly called. Never in my wildest dreams, however, did I expect this to be one of my most gratifying bucket-list adventures.

A big thank you to family and friends who willingly took the time to show us (my husband and I) around the sites of Nova Scotia – from the coastal views to the highland mountains of Cape Breton. From hiking trails in Minas Bay – Bay of Fundy, where we ventured off the beaten path to hidden beaches and feasted on wild blackberries, to cycling in St. Margaret’s Bay through paths shrouded in Maple and Pine trees, covered in Autumn leaves. Stopping at my whim and fancy to capture what I can only describe as Mother Nature at her very best. I am eternally grateful to their generosity of heart and spirit, time and friendship and, of course, love of adventure.

I’ve been summoned to return in the summer to experience another facet of Mother Nature’s exquisite artwork, but I know deep down in my heart that she has shown me her best. It can never be the same – hmmm… or can it …

See for yourself…

7 thoughts on “Fall-ing in love with Nova Scotia …

  1. When I was a teenager, growing up in Maine, I’d hop on the ferry that went from Portland ME to Yarmouth NS. during summer vacation. Then I’d hitchhike all around, from the south coast to the Cabot Trail. It is beautiful, and as usual, your writing captures the experience.


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