Ironman – What does it take…

Ironman – What does it take…

If you ever hear your spouse or loved one utter the words ‘I’m going to do an Ironman’ – RUN. Far, far away. And don’t come back until it’s over.

LOL just kidding….

You see, the energy needed to prepare for an Ironman is not only required of the athlete themselves, but those closest to them as well. The patience, the sacrifice, the ongoing support, can be physically and mentally challenging. Simply put, it’s a race that both of you will be preparing for – and similar to going through the renovation of a home together, this can take a toll on both of you.

In the first instance, know that there’s no list for a supporter – the focus is always entirely on the athlete. As it should be I guess, but sometimes we just need to take into consideration the athlete’s other half.

Take for example these simple questions –
• How many weekend excursions am I going to need to forego?
• How many hours of sleep am I really going to need – (8 hours every night for one year? Come on, that’s a lot of hours)
• How many going-out opportunities will I need to cut short?
• How many training stories will I need to listen to, remember and comment on?
• How many training schedules will I need to memorise?

The other side though is that you learn a lot of interesting facts –
• The number of calories in just about anything – one preserved date, one granola bar, 300ml of Gatorade, 10 Craisins
• You actually start reading the caloric values on menus at restaurants and choose the meal with the highest number of calories – go figure – because now it’s the highest number of calories that now matter.

But as an invested supporter you go with the flow, knowing that at the end of it all, the experience of the race is like no other, the excitement of each stage keeps your adrenaline pumping and, like a proud parent, you beam from ear to ear as if you too, have actually run the race of all races – the Ironman.

(Some pics from the start of the race)

One thought on “Ironman – What does it take…

  1. Well done, Denise and Roger!
    Truth is, Denise, my thoughts were with you as we tracked Roger’s updates on the day of… thanks for sharing all that I imagined was involved in seeing this challenge through, beginning to end.
    Here’s to another amazing milestone crossed, in the lives of a powerhouse couple!
    Big love & respect,


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