The future of Soweto

I wanted by all means to visit Soweto. Apart from the saga that was Apartheid, Soweto (South Western Township) was one of the few other identifiable historical aspects that piqued my interest when we decided to visit South Africa.

What I learned during our visit to the Apartheid Museum and the Nelson Mandela Museum, prior to driving through Soweto, prepared me only slightly for the emotions that would haunt me in the days to follow. The images of wealth vs poverty, and the sheer delight, wonder and innocence in the eyes of the children, continue to flash across my mind.

Soweto in itself is a world full of opposites and surprises – where different classes survive as neighbours with the rich neighbourhood seamlessly transitioning to the middle class neighbourhood. Yet the high level of poorer inhabitants dispels your hope for a better Soweto. A world where you smile at the progress and at the same time are saddened by the fact that not all persons have benefitted from the efforts at rehabilitation.

A world where you can only imagine the inhabitants to be depressed and hopeless at the apparent lack of support from the outside world to ensure their bright future. Yet the people are full of pride. They are a people with a vision. They are gracious, grateful, warm and hopeful. They are a people whose positivity you hold onto as this can only augur well for the fulfilment of their own bright future.

And yet, I left with a heavy heart, even more aware of the inequality that surrounds us, but with a strong admiration for the strength and perseverance of the Sowetans.

3 thoughts on “The future of Soweto

  1. Thanks for sharing, Denise
    Soweto pics speak volumes.
    The truth of Mandela’s words rings out in your post: “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”
    Stay safe!

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