How do you recharge…

How many times have you felt the need to recharge? Build back up your strength and energy to be able to move forward again. To take back up the challenge of your many responsibilities. To be able to continue on your quest to conquer the day and its inevitable ups and downs. To become a brighter and better you.

What if I don’t want to recharge? What if I just want to stay exactly the way I am. Spent and exhausted. Tired and in need of TLC. What if I just want to hide from the rest of the world. Make it stop and go away. What if I just want to be.

Will you let me?

My most treasured days are what I call ‘Pajama Days’.  I get up in the morning at whatever hour. There’s no one at home, a critical element to the success of a ‘pajama day’.  And I spend the day in my pajamas, in and out of bed. In and out of the kitchen scrounging around for the easiest thing to eat and drink. In and out of my books, my photography, my blogging, my movies. And then at the slightest sound of someone returning home, I quickly shower and change and pretend that I’ve had the most active day ever.

It’s my secret. It’s my day. I do whatever I want to do, without interruption. And in essence, I recharge. I get back in touch with me. And I can now get back in touch with the rest of the world.

Am I the only one who has ‘pajama days’?

2 thoughts on “How do you recharge…

  1. I thought it was just me that long for these day! That’s my request for a Mother’s Day present every year …. leave me home alone with a bag of Cheetos and a bottle of Sprite and I never get that present!

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