We all want to be Connected…


This blogging thing is quite crazy actually. I write arbitrary thoughts about things that cross my mind from one day to the next and I take great care in selecting some of my better photographs to share. I read and re-read every post, several times, and most times I share with my husband – my biggest fan – for his critique. Then, I press ‘Publish’.

I wait. Patiently at first. Then not at all. Wait for what you may ask? I wait for the ‘likes’, the comments and the new followers.

It’s just crazy and my husband laughs at me every day. How many likes did you get today? Any comments on that topic? Read them to me. I laugh too, for it has become such a game for the both of us. But deep down, for me anyway, it really isn’t a game at all.

Being  connected is an important part of being human.

I feel as if there’s a virtual world out there that I’ve connected with. A world where there are people just like me who want to express themselves. People who have arbitrary thoughts about arbitrary topics. Thoughts that resonate with me. People I have made a connection with. It’s almost as if it were my secret world.

And don’t we all want to connect and feel a part of something, something bigger than ourselves. Don’t we all have that special friend, sister, brother with whom we share our deepest feelings and with whom we can happily sit in silence, finish each other’s sentences, or understand very well their every facial expression. With whom we can laugh about nothing, cry about everything. With whom we have a special bond, a special connection.

The very essence of life is about connection.

7 thoughts on “We all want to be Connected…

  1. It is so compelling once you get into it. Yes it allows you to think through Things and express yourself. But people reading and appreciating is also so affirming. You write naturally, easily and therefore, readably, if there is such a word.

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  2. This post is so you. I can see you sitting watching the waves roll in, thinking about how great it is to have family and friends happily interjecting their essence into each other’s lives and yours, and having your normal, peaceful random thoughts. Oh with a glass of wine in hand of course 🙂

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  3. Yes Denise, we all want to be connected it is part of the human condition. Many of us, however, are not really connected where it matters. That youthful surface connection fools us until we are truly alone, an aloneness that may not occur until we are “aged” then…. Perhaps the blogging is one of the ways in which we can recoup the lost opportunities to connect to others and save each other from one of the scourges of the human condition : utter loneliness”. We have lost Maria Alonzo of Sing out my Soul and Gorretti Group fame, and M. Alcala ( both former teachers of Holy Name Convent) as well Earl Crosby. I wonder did they have satisfactory human connectedness, especially in their later years. Would blogging have helped?


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