Sounds of the early morning

I’ve written about this before – the beauty of the early morning, the rising of the sun, the peace and calm that envelops your surroundings. But have you ever sat and truly listened to the early morning.

Of course it depends on where you are, the sounds will vary – some may not even be worth the attention as they disturb you rather than put you at ease. I am truly blessed to be living on an island where I have the occasional opportunity to spend my weekends at the coast. Waking up to the waves gently crashing against the rocks is comparable to being awoken by your mother gently rubbing your leg on a morning singing in her soft voice – “time to get up”. It puts a smile on your face as you stretch your body and open your eyes one at a time, feeling calm and rested, eager to start another day.

Sitting in the garden this morning, watching the sun slowly rise above the trees, I realised just how many other creatures were awake and starting their day. The birds were having a stretch themselves picking at the grass seemingly without a care in the world, chirping in the trees as I imagine them waking each other.

As the macaws fly by they too bring another sound with their loud squawking, so out of character with the beauty of their red and blue bodies. Then you are almost disturbed out of your revery by the tap tapping of the woodpecker as he too, searches for his early morning breakfast. Brontis, my dog, was not bothered, too relaxed himself to even grunt.

Wake up Wake up – it’s another beautiful day.


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