La Torre Pendente di Pisa

A fabulous structure indeed with an interesting history that brings a sense of pride to Italy in general, and Pisans in particular. Depending on where you position yourself, he stands boldly upright with a slight tilt, or is playing peak-a-boo behind his colleague immediately in front. Then, from a totally different angle, he looks as straight as a pin, at attention. The surrounding buildings all play their part in presenting a truly magnificent show of architecture.

What caught my eye and even more so my camera lens, was the excitement in my fellow tourists in photographing the Tower. And not really the tower itself but how to creatively pose in front of the Tower. From the very young to the less young. From couples, to the selfie taker – and oh that selfie stick is everyone’s new best friend – and even whole families. Every one seems to want to right the tower in some form or fashion, lick it, pick it up with their fingers, stand on it, or as you will see from the pics, lift it with certain parts of their body. One guy, I really wasn’t sure what he was trying to do. But the one that really made me laugh was the tour group who felt they needed to record the event in song and dance.  Very entertaining indeed.

My attention moved from the tower to the people. And, to be honest, the visit went from ‘ho hum’ to ‘hysterical’.

One thought on “La Torre Pendente di Pisa

  1. This is hysterical! There were no selfies when I visited, so there was nothing like this going on. I think the guy laying on the grass was trying to capture his feet on the tower. I love this post! It really captures people being creative and having fun. It’s fun that visiting the Leaning Tower has taken a new spin thanks to technology.

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