To Bungle Bungle and beyond

Having arrived late into the camp last night, we are now awakening to our real surroundings. We are at the edge of a highway but graced with a bbque pit, tables and chairs and yes facilities – with a gas station at our beck and call. Even with this wonderous site, we pull ourselves away to get an early move on to our next destination – The Bungle Bungle.

What an amazing show of rock formation – all the tour books are right, pictures just do not do it justice, but I certainly tried well onto my 2000th picture for the trip. We sit and snack while pondering the towering pillars of the Cathedral gorge surrounding a pool of water, imagining what this place must look like earlier on in the dry season when there is much more water. And to think that we may have missed this.

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock


Leaving the Bungle Bungle, we head onto Kununurra trying our best to reach before dark – and just in time we do, pulling into what is one of the best campsites thus far as we find ourselves seated on the lake enjoying the lights across the water.

Mention of ‘salties’ come up (salt water crocodiles) and we cautiously set the tents a bit back away from the water line, not enough though to avoid the creatures should they decide to visit.

Ah well, the adventure continues.

What will you look like tomorrow?

What will you look like tomorrow?

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