Gorge after Gorge after Gorge

Which gorge is the best? We’re at serious odds with this one. Each one brings its own unique ‘specialness’ – waterfalls, tall sheer sides, cool swimming, flora and fauna, sunset worthy. Hmm we’ll see after ElQ and Emma gorge.

“All I really want is a camp site overlooking the river,” says Josh. As we sit very comfortably enjoying the cool breeze and the calls of the flocks of white cockatoos, we notice a clearing on the river. Many campers have left this morning leaving us to revel in the silence and beauty of this place. Further investigations reveal that the spot is not only on the river but, lo and behold, has a fire pit – what more can you wish for.

And so without further ado we ups and move site – well the boys anyway, and it’s quite amusing. I sit, watch and will move when the time is right, ie when there’s nothing for me to take but my glass of wine. Ah well, the Trini etc. nomads.

Campsite is relocated one tent at a time

Campsite is relocated one tent at a time

ElQ gorge provides a most unusual sight with Palm trees lining the gorge, large pandanas spotting the trail and lots and lots of large rocks. Squeezing through the crack of two tall walls of stone using new found rock climbing skills, crossing many small pools of clear refreshing water and finally reaching a small pool at the base of a slim but impressive waterfall, if only because we’ve climbed so far to reach it.


And what’ your best part of the day?

5 minutes of solitude in the hammock in the morning – truly a treat for whoever is lucky enough to snatch it

Climbing the rocks was quite a challenge that once overcome brought a great sense of satisfaction – the rock in the middle was a literally a stumbling block or temporarily anyway. But oh what a spot for swimming and jumping

Ben’s attempt to kiss the rocks – he is definitely the most agile of all of us but so intent on making sure his mum was ok, took his eyes off the trail for a second, slipped and well kissed the rocks with quite a smack.

3 snake sightings – probably poisonous – well in Aussie, it’s 90% in favour of being poisonous.

Reaching the last hoorah – always a triumph

People of Aussie
“I find the Aussies are so friendly and helpful,” says Ben. And that’s really been our experience. “Need some help mate?” – words we hear all the time. Just two seconds under the car and a gentleman strolls up offering assistance. Some wire, a plyers and a newspaper thrown in for reading or bbque purposes later, car is fixed and an Aussie has once again come to the rescue.

The boys are currying beef tonight – personally, my favourite part of the day especially when accompanied by a great sunset.

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