Not again….

Leaving early with the primary intention of repairing one flat tyre and heading to Manning gorge for the day. Another beautiful day in the Kimberley.

The drive out proves to be even more interesting with a different perspective on the views coming in and even more adventurous as we encounter another set back – not only time wise but the budget is hit BOOM, as the kids would say. Yes you guessed it another flat tyre. Roger shakes his head, Cusho style, and we move on, thanking our lucky stars that we’re on the way anyway – always looking on the bright side of things.

‘Over the range’ is happy to see us – a double whammy – who would have thought.

People of Australia
Set at the back of the thriving business of repairing tyres on the Gibb River Road, is a beautiful outback house, no walls, a creek running alongside the garden, shady trees with an outdoor suite and BBQ pit. The water comes right up to land, no flooding in the wet season, cool breezes all year round, and the peace and quiet of a lifetime. “I’m glad you like it”, he says, “cuz I love it”.


We arrive at Manning gorge camp site to another beautiful spot, near the facilities and more importantly just a two minute walk from what turns out to be yet another breath-taking natural swimming pool. Crossing the first part in a small boat to save the valuables, we make our way to the gorge through the rocky terrain. And oh what an inspiring sight, complete with waterfalls, relaxing tanning spots and of course refreshing water to cool off from the never ending heat of the Kimberley by day.


What's wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this picture?

Enjoying the view
Enjoying the view


Playing young boy
Playing young boy
Always a great sunset
Always a great sunset

  1. Hi Aunty, I was wondering when I would hear about your trip when I stumbled across your blog in a email I had missed from dad. We loved Australia and this section so it is so nice to read about your experiences and see all your photos. And what an amazing snake in the water shot!!! What sort is it and did you see it when taking the photo? Rob and Gill x x x

  2. Also do you have an album with more photos? You mentioned it in an earlier post but I could not work it out x x

    1. Hi Rob – I’ve been trying with the album unsuccessfully. Will explore a different avenue and share with you guys when we get back. Love to you both.

  3. What a treasure this trip is.. The photos are awesome, cannot imagine what it must be like IRL. Sounds like U had Favor & Blessings all through. May the memories & bonding last a lifetime.. Live, love, laugh, BE!

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