Bondi Beach at last

Reminder to self, winter in Sydney equals some days of rain and clouds – add in the wind and you have a chilly day begging you to stay home and veg out. But being on holiday and dying to see the sights we ignored the signs, jumped in the family bus and ventured out to the Eastern part of Sydney which, compared to Manly is a bit lacking in lustre. Bondi beach is lovely though, with the overcast skies, didn’t present itself at its best. Nonetheless, the drive through the city along the coast shows off Sydney as an amazing city offering the tourist and local alike, fabulous views and always the opportunity to relax, kick back and enjoy the finer side of life.

Off to the Kimberley in the morning, bags and bags are packed more with camping gear and less with clothing. Roger is exhausted, Josh is cooking pumpkin soup, the girls are sipping wine, Ben is cleaning up and Xands is pretending to learn how to cook. Promises to be quite an adventure. And yes, I did say Ben is cleaning up…

Bondi Beach

Aussie Ibis – lacking a bit of crustacean in their diet

The family


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