How do you say goodbye to someone like Robert…

I lost my friend a few weeks ago.

He was the epitome of what living a free life should look like.  Exuberant, super grateful, embraced every moment, made you feel like you were the best friend he ever had.  His outlook on life was optimistic and infectious.

He gave of himself to everyone he met.

His talent second to none.  As a decorator his events were stupendous.  I always marvelled at his vision for an empty space bringing his magic and making dreams come true – for those dreamy-eyed brides to the Carnival enthusiasts, to the simple business-like occasions made special by his brilliance.

Robert Solomon had his demons to overcome, and he worked every day of his life to win against all odds.  And in my eyes, he did.  I only hope that he knew that he was a winner to all those who loved him.  And there are many of us who do and always will.

Saying goodbye to someone like Robert at such a tender age is difficult to wrap your head around.  I am still at a loss – it is so surreal – a world without my friend.  We were in touch but had not seen each other for a while.  The plans were there but life got in the way.  We had our moments, several of them, for which I am truly grateful.

Would I have done anything differently had I known he would leave so soon?  Probably not.  For ours was a relationship that included a reveal of our feelings for each other every time we met, whether virtually or in person.

I cry every single time I think of him, for my life will be less exuberant without him.  But at the same time, my life has been enriched because of him.

Farewell my friend.  Until we meet again.