I write because….

I’m not a very naturally talkative person and my emotions run very deep. I can and very happily, spend a whole weekend without interacting with another soul. Writing allows me the freedom to express those feelings in words that I would otherwise botch up verbally. What I’ve realised too is that I have a sense of humour that is possibly better received in my writing – maybe because I can’t see the other person’s reaction – or non reaction.

I first started blogging to share my vacation experiences with my family and friends. It was my way of sharing what I thought would be the experience of a lifetime. I love to explore and I found that many people enjoy reading about other people’s adventures. A sense of living vicariously through another person I guess. But more than that it has allowed me to document what I’ve seen, heard and most of all felt during my travels. Feelings that are only appreciated through the written word. For most people respond better to emotions from afar.

To a certain extent too, writing has launched my love of photography. Sounds crazy but it’s true. Most times a story needs to be supported by images. Images which pretty much sum up what the writer has been saying. Yes I know – a picture tells a thousand words. But I’ve found that just a few written words can enhance a picture if only because they set the tone, build your interest and for those of us who float above the rest, words just simply tell the story.

Words connect us all whether verbal or written. Some people are so verbose I sometimes wish they would write instead of speak so that I can quickly skim through all the chitter chatter without having to hear every single detail. Yup. That’s the anxious me. Get on with the story already.

Funnily enough as much as I like writing, my love for reading does not necessarily rise to the occasion. Of course reading has influenced my style, but for me the story has to not only pique my interest, it must also match my mood. During travel, I’m interested only in simple romance. During a relaxing vacation of at least on week, I’ll enjoy something with a bit more drama and depth. When wanting to extend myself a bit, inspirational and somewhat spiritual stories are my first pick. But always I enjoy a story that will bring all my emotion to the fore.

Yup – I love a good cry.

So why do I write you ask? I guess because there are no rules. And I can literally say what I want without fear.

How do you express yourself?